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What is LGConnect®?

LGConnect® is a peer group community that links local government professionals across the country. There are over 8,000 active subscribers across the entire LGConnect® group – allowing you to get in touch with others in your field to discuss issues, ask for advice and share relevant information. Well over 500,000 interactions occur within the LGConnect® community each month, allowing local government employees and elected members to keep up to date with current issues. LGConnect® provides a forum for sharing expertise where any individual has immediate access to the wisdom of the sector – being quickly able to access the vast knowledge base of others who have experience on the issue at hand or are facing the same situation. The addition of an archive facility where previous discussions can be searched for from a week ago, a month ago, or even last year!

Once subscribed, users can send a message to any of the groups they are subscribed to by creating an email with GROUPNAME@lgconnect.co.nz and it will post to the group.  For example COMMSCOUNCIL@lgconnect.co.nz.

For more information or any help please email lgconnect@solgm.org.nz

Who can join?
The twice weekly What’s New E-Newsletter which contains news, event and job listings relevant to the sector is available for anyone to subscribe to. All other LGConnect® groups are restricted to current New Zealand local government employees with a council email address.

How do I join?

If you have a valid council email address you are able subscribe to any of the LGConnect® discussion groups by following the steps below:

1: Choose the LGConnect® discussion group you would like to join eg COMMSCOUNCIL (Communications Managers and Media Officers)

2: Click the name of the group to open a subscription email or create a new email and place listserv@lgconnect.co.nz in the ‘to field’

3: Leaving the subject line blank type Subscribe NAME OF GROUP in the body of the email (do this for each of the groups you wish to join in a separate email)

(NOTE: If you have clicked the name of group from the list below, this will automatically populate)

4: Click send.

5: An email will be received asking you to confirm your subscription

6: Reply to this email with OK in the body of this email and click send

7: You will receive an email confirming your subscription request has been received and has been forwarded to the LGConnect administrators at SOLGM.

Please note final confirmation of your subscription may take up to two working days.

What discussion groups are available?

Terms and conditions: